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Day 26: What crest would you have?

Ah…gracious…this was hard for me to decided. I’d have to go with either the Crest of Reliability or the Crest of Knowledge. And no, it’s not because those crests belong to my two favorite characters.

So then, Reliability. As I said before, there’s something about being able to rely on someone or being relied on.  If there’s one thing I hate most, it’s letting someone down. Likewise, I love knowing that someone can count on me and will come to me if they need help or anything. I like to be able to help a friend, and knowing this, I think this may be a good crest for me.

Also, we have the Crest of Knowledge. Now, even though school wasn’t the single most exciting thing (trust me, I know), I do like learning about things. Now not so much standard English or math (ick, math…), but more like about whatever interesting to me. Also, like Izzy, I’m very curious about things.

So if there was a way to combine Reliability and Knowledge into one crest, that would be me. :P (Also, this would probably be a good time to mention my Digimon OC has a custom crest called the Crest of Willpower.)

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